From Marvel Comics

 Back in 2001, J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita, Jr began a story that changed the very nature of Spider-Man. We'd always known that the radioactive spider bit him and he gained powers, but it seemed like an accident up to that point. However, he soon discovered that forces may have been in motion to create a new Spider Totem, a being with feet in both the human and animal worlds. However, even Totems have those who want to best them, or even feast upon them, like Morlun! 

 The mysterious Morlun debuted in 2001's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 by Straczynski and Romita as a vampire-like creature feeding off of a German Super Hero in front of his minion Dex. At that same time a guy named Ezekiel told Peter Parker about Spider Totems and the Inheritors that feed on them. Eventually, Morlun and Spider-Man met with the hero doing his best to hold the villain off, but ultimately retreating. It didn't help, though, as Morlun could track him anywhere after laying hands on him. 

 Morlun probably would have ended Parker's tenure as Spider-Man that day had Ezekiel not rushed in to help fight the Inheritor. Ezekiel's sacrifice earned Peter enough time to embrace his radioactive side which did not sit well with Morlun, making the Totem inedible. However, it would be Dex who put the nail in the villain's coffin in the form of a bullet that disintegrated the hunter.   

 During "The Other," Peter discovered that he had a mysterious sickness that would kill him. While Peter searched for potential cures and tied up loose ends, Morlun stalked the wall-crawler once again. The pair finally fought in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #526with the villain never quite on the ropes. Morlun even plucked Peter's eye out and ate it before beating Spidey nearly to death. 

 Morlun decided to leave Peter to the authorities, planning to come back later and feed on him wherever he ended up. Arriving at the hospital, Mary Jane attempted to stop Morlun, but he easily swatted her away. When Peter woke up, though, he seemed more spider than man and actually fed on Morlun, which helped him return to life as something more than he'd been before. 

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