The Flash has been getting up to crazy time travel adventures again, and across multiple mediums! We saw the cinematic Flash first appear in Batman v Superman to warn Bruce Wayne about Lois Lane. Nora Allen was introduced, and has become a main cast member this season, over on The Flashtelevision show. And lest the medium from which he was created be left out, writer Joshua Williamson brings things to a real head with the eighth volume of his fan-pleasing Flash run, FLASH WAR—wherein everything the respective Flashes think they know about time travel and the way the Speed Force works is blown apart. 

 Now, I’m a Wally West girl. I’ve proclaimed this fact in a number of articles, so I was rather taken with Flash War from the get go because it all turns around the relationship shared between Barry Allen and his nephew—in particular, the original version who was lost in the Speed Force for years and years and only reemerged fairly recently in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH. Williamson has focused his stories heavily on the strength of the various relationships within the Flash-Family, but it appears he may have been bringing these characters together (Barry Allen, Wally West, Iris West, Wallace West) only so that he could break them apart again in the most dramatic way possible. 

 This isn’t meant as a criticism, by the way. Relationships are always great fodder for drama, especially in comics. Plus, it allows us to once again put to bed the question of who is faster, Barry or Wally. Spoiler alert if you haven’t read Flash War yet: I came out of it a very happy camper.

In Flash War, Williamson unites two of Barry and Wally’s greatest villains. There’s a nice parallel narrative running (I will not apologize for the pun!) throughout much of Flash War until events come to a head and it is revealed that the real conflict lies between the Flashes themselves. Wally strives so hard to live up to the legacy Barry has laid down for him that it puts them at odds. This ultimately leads Wally to adopt some of Barry’s more questionable decisions and thought patterns

……like the kind which could lead us to an event like Flashpoint and irreparably alter reality.